Recruiting Challenges in Europe in 2021

2021 is for many people a year of hope for health, stability and economic recurrence effects. With a possible economic recovery starting from the second quarter of 2021, there are corresponding challenges for the recruiting of top performers and top talent in Europe.

We have summarized these challenges into 5 theses, including the specific industry features that need to be taken.

  1. SMEs will win more top talents in the EU market as their organizations are dynamic and trustful
  2. Recruiters and hiring managers face new questions in the recruiting process
  3. Diversity, sustainability & purpose – “trends” will become concrete recruitment campaigns 
  4. Digitalization combined with corporate values create desirable corporate cultures
  5. There is no doubt about it: digital transformation will change recruitment in 2021

2020 – a brief review: Corona has turned the entire world of work and recruiting upside down. At first, improvisation was necessary: Home office, short-time work and permanently changing Corona regulations, differently throughout Europe. The situation demanded and still demands a maximum of flexibility and resilience from employers and employees. For recruiting in 2020, the corona crisis meant above all the abandonment of physical interviews in favor of digital interviews, if recruiting activities were maintained at all. Some companies had put their recruitment processes on hold completely. Others adapted their recruitment processes sometimes even before Corona and digitized them and could react more quickly to the new market situation.

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