2021 is for many people a year of hope for health, stability and economic recurrence effects. With a possible economic recovery starting from the second quarter of 2021, there are corresponding challenges for the recruiting of top performers and top talent in Europe. We have summarized these challenges into 5 theses, including the specific industry...
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Executive recruiters spent the better part of last year resetting expectations – the result of an unprecedented, and completely unexpected, interruption to their business due to COVID-19. But according to search professionals across the spectrum, that disruption has now receded, and business is returning to levels not seen since the waning days of 2019 and...
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Recrutement de cadres et dirigeants

BOISANGER & Associés est un cabinet solide, une entreprise aux finances saines (400 K€ de capitaux propres).

Nous pouvons répondre à des volumes de recrutement importants dans des délais courts.

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